Avoid HVAC Inspection Scams with Tips from Kemnitz

Although unlicensed HVAC contractors appear to work cheaper than bonded, insured and licensed air conditioning companies, the long-term risks may not match the reward. When homeowners hire HVAC service work from questionable contractors, the typically experience may end up like this:

  • Inferior workmanship resulting in shoddy equipment performance.
  • Incomplete or downright deceitful troubleshooting reports.
  • Unreliable A/C services, including substandard A/C installation.
  • Unexpected cost increases or poor long-term HVAC equipment reliability

The good news is that there are ways that you can avoid working with an unlicensed contractor. The key is being able to identify and avoid common HVAC inspection scams.

Here are just a few tips that you can practice in order to avoid becoming a victim of an HVAC inspection scam:

Tip #1: Before requesting AC installation or services in your home, ask the contractor for proof of insurance. Even licensed HVAC pros can make a mistake, but consider the damage an uninsured electrical error can do to your home.

Dealing with untrained cooling and heating service techs may seem like a slick way to save money upfront, but these out-of-pocket savings can quickly escalate into a massive financial nightmare. HVAC technicians who work without a license may also tend to ignore HVAC industry-accepted service and installation regulations. This means that they could very possibly do real damage to your home HVAC system.

Tip #2: Research HVAC companies and get multiple bids before deciding on which HVAC company will install or repair your heating and cooling equipment. Most homeowners know better than to jump on the highest bid, but you should also be wary of any super-low bits. Instead, choose reputation over a low-price, unlicensed HVAC technician.

In the air conditioning industry, HVAC companies build their reputation by providing quality service. It is important that you do some research on the reputation of the HVAC company or technician before paying them for services. Check out online reviews and testimonials to get a better idea of what people in your community think about this company.

Tip #3: If you’re unsure, always get a second opinion. Whether licensed or unlicensed, if the HVAC technician is trying to push products or features on you without explaining why you need them, it is always helpful to get a second opinion. A trusted HVAC company will always take the time explain what is wrong with your system and break down what repairs you need and why.

One of the most common HVAC inspection scams is when technicians will say things are broken when they are not. Always get any price estimates in writing, so that you can get a second opinion from another HVAC technician. Again, an experienced HVAC technician will be happy to explain to you in detail what the issue is. They will never offer vague answers about parts you need replaced.

Don’t let an unlicensed HVAC contractor make a mess of your home. Call us today to work with an experienced and licensed HVAC technician.

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