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4 Things to Do If Your Heating System Won’t Turn On

One of the worst things that could happen on a cold day is finding out your heating system won’t turn on. Before you go through the process of booking a heating technician for repairs, try a little bit of troubleshooting first. Often, the solution to unresponsive heaters is relatively simple.

How Do Digital Thermostats Work?

The thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system. It measures and monitors ambient indoor climate, telling Kemnitz when air conditioning and heating units have to work whenever the temperature goes above or below the threshold.

The Importance of Timing Your AC Maintenance and Repairs

Scheduled maintenance and timely repair are important to get the most of your air conditioning system and prolong its service life. Properly timing repairs and maintenance can make your AC unit cool your home when you really need it.

FAQs About HVAC Repairs Answered

Any HVAC unit can act up with or without proper maintenance. While dealing with faulty units is inconvenient, procrastinating repairs isn’t a good option. Ignoring the problems will only make matters worse.

Why You Should Always Keep Your Air Conditioning Clean

Just like any other piece of machinery, your home’s heating and air conditioning systems need regular and routine maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency, as well as keeping it running at peak performance. There’s nothing more inconvenient than finding your air conditioner has suddenly stopped working right in the middle of the sweltering summer season.

How to Maintain Your Air Conditioning System Right

HVAC maintenance isn’t rocket science, but it must be done properly to get positive results. If you’re a first-time homeowner, giving your heating and air conditioning systems the care they need can be puzzling. To gain a sense of direction, here are the basic things you need to do when maintaining your AC:

Don’t Fall for These Common Cooling Misconceptions

It’s that time of the year again when school is out and heat is in; it’s summertime! As far as air conditioning is concerned, summer also means you’ll be relying on your system to provide cool and comfortable relief from the harsh sunny days. Before you need AC repair for overused air conditioning units, here

How to Heat Up Your Home Efficiently

While buying a new heater could be a solid solution to creating a warmer, toastier home in the winter months, there are some small things here and there that could add up to the right amount of temperature change you want in your house.

The Meaning Behind SEER and EER

To be a smart homeowner, you need to look at the energy ratings of the systems you intend to use at home. As a good chunk of yearly expenses goes to heating and air conditioning needs, you’ll want to get the HVAC system with the best energy efficiency ratings possible. This is why the EER

The Effects of Humidity on Your Home’s HVAC System

Excess humidity can make your interior feel uncomfortable and make your heating and air conditioning system work harder to maintain the temperature you want. This is because HVAC units also dehumidify the air. If the air in your home is too humid, your cooling equipment has to consume more energy to maintain indoor comfort. Below,