Do I Really Need HVAC Maintenance?

Ok, so you are questioning the wisdom of scheduling regular HVAC Maintenance for your heating and cooling system. That’s all right. Go ahead and ask because when you get to the bottom of that question you will never again want to run your system without knowing that it is being well maintained. In fact, the EPA’s Energy Star division says that neglect and dirt are the greatest causes of HVAC system failure and here are some more reasons you should regularly maintain your air conditioning system.

Home Comfort

Each time we switch our home comfort systems on the expectation is that they will bring on the kind of comfort we have come to expect. The only thing is, unless we have provided proper HVAC Maintenance regularly that just might not happen.

Lower Energy Costs

Did you know that about half of all energy used in homes is for heating and cooling? It’s true and that makes it even more important that we all do everything we can to keep energy usage as low as possible. A well maintained heating and cooling system uses far less energy than one that is coated with dirt and some of the parts are not performing up to standards. You can actually shave as much as 35% off energy bills with proper HVAC Maintenance.

Equipment Life

Just like you would get the oil changed regularly in your car to keep it running right, proper maintenance extends the life of your heating and cooling system.


Although some people defer HVAC maintenance because they don’t want to spend the extra money, doing so defeats the purpose. It only costs about $150 a year for a maintenance agreement that will enhance your systems performance and increase its useful life. You’ll pay more than that on just one emergency call to get it running again when your furnace or air conditioner stops working.


Comfort is not the only reason to schedule regular maintenance. Safety is another issue you should be concerned about. All it takes is one loose connection for the wiring to short out or small holes in the firebox or heat exchangers to cause a fire. Carbon monoxide leaks can also be caught through regular maintenance.

You can protect your family and keep them comfortable through all kinds of weather by keeping your system well maintained. Follow us for more great articles on heating, air conditioning and home needs.

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