Repair or Replace? Tips For Your AC Unit

Keeping your family comfortable in the home is easy to do when your AC unit is working as it should. When it is not performing to peak capacity it can be stressful and overwhelming to know what to do. Deciding if you should repair or replace can be difficult. Check out these tips to know if you should repair the problem or if it is a replacement that is needed.

How old is the unit?

Consider the age of the unit. If it is nearing the maximum life of the unit a replacement may be in your best interest. Units typically last anywhere from 12-15 years when they are taken care of. If they have not gotten the proper maintenance that they need they can last less than that. Be sure to talk with your technician on how old the unit is and how much fixing versus repairing it would cost.

How is it maintained?

If you are one that keeps maintenance up on the AC unit then repair may be all you need. Taking care to have routine maintenance on the unit can help you catch small repairs before they become a huge problem. If it has not been properly maintained or you do not know if it has, then a replacement could be in the best interest of you and your home. This is especially so if you have problems with a unit and you just bought the home. It could be that the unit is older than you think or that it has not been taken care of.

How often are you repairing it?

Consider how often you have to repair the unit itself. If it is once in a while you may still get life out of the unit. If you are finding that every summer you are having issues or it is causing more issues during the year than just summer, it may be time to replace the unit itself. Think of how often you have hot days. Does the unit efficiently cool your entire home or do you have hot rooms? All these factors add up to a consideration of replacing instead of repairing.

Lower your power bill

If you want to lower your power bill or notice it is running higher than usual, there may be something wrong with the unit. If you do not have an energy efficient model it may be time to get one. There are many different units out there that will work for your home. You can add a new unit, maintain it and get the most life out of it possible.

Check with your technician to find out if repairing or replacement is needed with your unit. Sometimes a simple repair is all that is needed to get more life out of the unit. Other times it is necessary for the whole unit to be replaced. Talking with your AC Company and considering these factors will help you make the right decision.  

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