What’s Causing Your Heat Pump to Blow Cold Air?

Heat pumps are built to be strong and reliable, especially during the winter season. They also need to be regularly and properly maintained to avoid mechanical problems later on. But if your heat pump seems to be pushing cold air even when it’s in heating mode, this could be caused by a few different factors. Our Carrier® heater repair team at Kemnitz Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. explains some of the common causes below:

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It’s still in defrost mode. You’re probably aware by now that certain types of heat pumps are essentially reverse air conditioners. By reversing the cycle, they generate heat instead of cold air. This is how they redirect hot air in defrost mode to melt ice formations on the outdoor unit. Without this mode, it would be nearly impossible to remove frost and ice buildup without damaging the unit itself. So, when your outdoor unit is running in defrost mode, this typically means no heat will be released indoors until the cycle is complete.

Your outdoor unit is dirty. Sometimes, your heat pump will struggle to absorb warmth from outside if the coils on the outdoor unit are dirty or clogged with debris, which usually means less heated air pumping into your home. Determining if this is your issue is as simple as going outside and taking a look at your outdoor unit. If it looks dirty, then you’ll need to hire a heating repair professional to clean it properly.

There may be an issue with your unit. Another reason why your heat pump is blowing cold air may be because there’s something wrong with your unit. For instance, if there’s a leak in your refrigerant line, then there won’t be enough refrigerant to draw in the proper amount of heat to warm up the air in your home. If this is your issue, you’ll need to contact a professional technician to come to check out your heat pump.

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