Does Heat Pump Replacement Require a Permit?

With the summer season due in just about a month, you’re probably thinking about getting a new, more efficient air conditioner for your home — perhaps even a heat pump so you only need one system for all seasons. If this is your first time getting a new HVAC system, it might come as a surprise that you’ll need to get a permit first. But is it necessary? Read on as the local heating repair contractors at Kemnitz Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. discusses its importance.

Pump Replacement

Mechanical Permits

To answer the question, heat pump or air conditioner replacement does indeed require a permit — a mechanical permit, to be precise. You might be wondering why: after all, aren’t HVAC systems essentially appliances like TVs and refrigerators?

It helps to think of HVAC systems not as appliances, but as utilities like electrical or water systems, and therefore would be virtually the same as pulling a permit for a home renovation or an electrical upgrade. And, just like construction and building permits, HVAC contractors are responsible for pulling a mechanical permit, the cost of which is typically included in the estimate. This means you won’t have to make time to apply for one.

What Happens If I Don’t Get a Permit?

While it is technically possible to install a heating and air conditioning system without a mechanical permit — and some unscrupulous individuals may suggest it as a cost and/or time-saving measure — you’d be leaving yourself open to various problems:

  • Fire hazard. A mechanical permit is your assurance that the HVAC contractor is qualified to install and replace your HVAC system. An incorrectly-installed heat pump may, at best, malfunction; at worst, become a fire hazard.

  • Invalid warranty coverage. A mechanical permit is also your assurance that your new heat pump is a legitimate retail unit that comes with a manufacturer warranty.

  • Fines. The city inspector could find out that your heat pump was installed without a permit, which, like building code violations, would make you liable for a hefty fine.

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