Spring Thermostat Tips: Finding the Perfect Comfort Level

Spring brings a mix of warm sunny days, cool evenings and the occasional unexpected shift in temperature — factors that make finding the ideal thermostat setting a bit of a challenge. As we transition from the cooler days of winter to the gradually warming spring, it becomes crucial to adjust our home’s temperature settings for …

Can Keeping Your Heating on “Low” Save You Money?

There are no two ways about it — heating is costly, regardless of the type of heating system that you use. You’ve probably had people recommend keeping your heating on “low” to cut your heating costs, but does it work? Read on as local HVAC company Kemnitz Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. takes a look.

4 HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Spring Season

There is no better time than the spring season to have HVAC maintenance done, among other home maintenance tasks. After all, a well-maintained HVAC system is essential for the comfort of your home. In today’s post, Kemnitz Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. shares HVAC maintenance tips that you should add to your spring maintenance checklist.

Reasons to Replace Your Thermostat

In general, climate control systems need to be upgraded every decade or so. Remember that your thermostat is crucial to the efficiency and smooth operation of your heating and cooling system. Without it, you won’t be able to operate your heater and air conditioner and maximize their benefits. 

Does Thermostat Placement Matter?

Placing your thermostat in the right spot can help ensure that your home is getting the heating and cooling that it needs. In today’s post, Kemnitz Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. discusses the importance of thermostat placement in your home.

3 Benefits of Upgrading to a Programmable Thermostat

Many households today have programmable thermostats as one of a number of advanced home solutions. If your home still has one of the old standard thermostats, it might be time to upgrade to better equipment that enables you to program your preferred temperatures for the day or week. Today, local air conditioning specialist Kemnitz Air Conditioning & Heating …

Thermostat Diagnostics: 4 Expert Tips to Follow

To say that a thermostat is an important part of an HVAC system is an understatement. It’s what dictates how often a heating or cooling unit runs, as it’s responsible for monitoring the air temperature within the room. When something is wrong with your thermostat, you can expect your furnace, boiler, heat pump or air …

4 Things to Do If Your Heating System Won’t Turn On

One of the worst things that could happen on a cold day is finding out your heating system won’t turn on. Before you go through the process of booking a heating technician for repairs, try a little bit of troubleshooting first. Often, the solution to unresponsive heaters is relatively simple. 1. Check If the Thermostat Has Power …

How Do Digital Thermostats Work?

The thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system. It measures and monitors ambient indoor climate, telling Kemnitz when air conditioning and heating units have to work whenever the temperature goes above or below the threshold. Digital thermostats are today’s standard. You can connect them to your home’s Wi-Fi, allowing you to remotely control them …