Does Thermostat Placement Matter?

Placing your thermostat in the right spot can help ensure that your home is getting the heating and cooling that it needs. In today’s post, Kemnitz Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. discusses the importance of thermostat placement in your home.

How Do Thermostats Work?

Most thermostats are equipped with a component that detects changes in the temperature of the air surrounding the unit. Traditional thermostats utilize the thermal expansion properties of metals — either with a bi-metal strip or mercury in a capsule — to “read” changes in temperature.  Modern thermostats utilize sensors for the same purpose.

It’s important to note that regardless of the type, thermostats sense the temperature of their immediate surroundings and automatically adjust the HVAC system’s output based on these readings. The wrong readings can either make your HVAC system put out too much or too little conditioned air, which could make parts of your home uncomfortable. Too much output can also raise your utility bills and result in a premature HVAC breakdown.

Ideal Locations for Thermostats

Your thermostat needs to be placed in a central location in your home, where it can best read the average temperature. There will likely be an interior wall in that area with studs for installing the thermostat bracket. Installing it between 52 and 60 inches above the floor will help prevent misreadings caused by radiant heat rising from the floor. If you’re not sure where to install your thermostat, an air conditioning and heating repair technician can do it for you.

There are areas in your house where you should not install your thermostat. The areas around windows and doors in particular experience significant temperature fluctuations because both are often opened and closed, may let sunlight fall on the thermostat itself and, if your windows lack insulation, will allow in drafts. Areas directly above air vents can also result in temperature misreadings.

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