More Than Just a Filter Change

A properly maintained heating and air conditioning system can last up to 15 years or more. What does properly maintained mean? Well, it means more than just a yearly filter change! It is highly recommended throughout the HVAC community that home and business owners get, at least, a yearly inspection by a trained HVAC technician. (we at Kemnitz prefer ours to also be NATE certified!) Having a quality company, with experienced, highly trained technicians inspect your system yearly means you’re getting a more thorough, preventative service. Consider it a yearly “check-up” at the HVAC doctor! During a routine maintenance you could expect a technician: to visually inspect the motor and all electrical components, check the operation and airflow, clean and inspect the condenser and/or furnace, check the gas pressure and/or refrigerant charge, and of course, change your filter if needed. Having this service done regularly will help ensure your system is running at maximum efficiency. It also may help catch potential problems that would lead to expensive future breakdowns, ensuring a long life for your system. Some people think this is an unnecessary yearly expense, but it could end up saving you the expense of having to prematurely purchase a whole new system!

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