The Importance Of Changing The Air Filter In Your HVAC System

Many homeowners overlook the importance of changing the air filter in their home’s HVAC system on a regular basis. While there are those who are diligent about changing the filter every month, many more are far too lax because they do not understand the importance of making sure the filter is clean and ready to provide optimal performance of their HVAC system. However, when you want to be sure that your heating and cooling system is in top operating condition, it is essential that your check the condition of your air filter and change it if it is dirty or clogged.

There is no doubt that heating and cooling systems that are functioning as smoothly as possible will help reduce energy costs. Unfortunately, a clogged air filter makes your heating and cooling equipment work much harder than necessary. When you change the air filter on a regular basis, your HVAC system will run smoother and more energy efficient. Of course, with the extra load taken off your equipment, you will also notice a significant decrease in energy costs.

Another important factor in regularly changing air filters is that it can help ensure the greatest life expectancy from your HVAC equipment. With routine use, all equipment will eventually experience mechanical problems, but when you ensure your HVAC equipment is able to perform at its best, you can greatly extend its life expectancy and the chances for premature breakdowns. After all, the less stress placed on heating and cooling equipment, the less likely you will have problems.

For many homeowners, choosing the right types of filters can seem a little complicated. While there are definitely inexpensive filters available, sometimes spending a little more can get you the quality filter your family deserves. A good quality air filter that is in good condition can help remove impurities from the air you breathe. Whether you have allergies or family members with health concerns, a quality air filter that is changed or cleaned regularly can greatly improve indoor air quality.

Increasing indoor air quality is certainly important for most homeowners, but the quality of air in your home goes beyond just changing your air filter on a monthly basis. Changing the air filter in your HVAC system in a timely manner can help minimize the accumulation of airborne contaminants that can become lodged in your ductwork. Unfortunately, once debris and irritants are in your ducts, they can become airborne again and reintroduced into the air you breathe.

It is generally recommended that you check your air filter’s condition and change or clean it on a monthly basis. There are some homeowners who extend this time period, but exceeding 3 months without a new replacement is never recommended. The performance, efficiency and longevity of your heating and cooling equipment rely on proper air flow and replacing a clogged filter is the best way to ensure your HVAC system is functioning the way it was intended. Additionally, with a clean air filter, your family will have the benefits of quality indoor air.

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