Why Do Some Nasal Allergies Seem to Worsen In the Winter?

Most types of seasonal allergies typically peak in the spring season, but some of them, especially pet allergies, seem to get worse in the winter. In today’s post, Kemnitz Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. discusses why this happens and what you can do to alleviate it.

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What Causes Winter Allergies?

Airborne allergens, such as pollen, animal dander and mold, are some of the most common nasal allergy triggers. Symptoms range from minor irritation of the nasal passages to allergy-induced asthma. Allergies that seem to flare during the winter result from causes that are much like a domino effect. Humidity drops during the winter, which results in dry air. This causes increased dryness of the skin, which leads to more dead skin cells.

This seasonal dryness also causes increased amounts of pet dander, which essentially is dead skin cells shed by your pets. Combined with poor indoor ventilation, this can result in a higher concentration of pet dander, along with other allergens, in your home, which ultimately leads to winter allergies.

How to Keep Winter Allergies at Bay

There are a few things that you can do to help reduce, or perhaps even prevent, the aforementioned types of winter allergies:

Maintain relative indoor humidity levels — Ideal indoor humidity levels should be kept below 50% relative to outdoor levels. During the winter, this means you have to run a humidifier to compensate for the dryness. A combined humidifier/dehumidifier system, which can help maintain relative indoor humidity levels all-year-round, can be added to existing HVAC systems.

Replace your HVAC air filters regularly — Your annual heating repair and maintenance routine should include checking the air filter and replacing it when full. Air filters catch dust, dander and other particles in the air that may trigger allergies. HVAC systems typically need a new air filter every three months.

Vacuum regularly — Carpets and curtains may retain dust and dander. Vacuuming regularly can help reduce the particles that may be floating around in the air. If possible, replace carpeting with wood, tile or laminate flooring, all of which are easy to keep clean and don’t retain particles.

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