How to Fight Fall Allergy Symptoms With Your HVAC System

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, your heating and air conditioning system can help you fight them. In today’s post, Kemnitz Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. discusses how you can optimize your HVAC system to help fight fall allergies. 

Keep the air ducts clean. The air ducts handle air circulation in your home by delivering conditioned air into each room in your house and removing stale air through separate vents. Sometimes fine particles, including allergens, make their way into the air ducts, and while these particles won’t cause clogging in the ducts, they can accumulate in them and recirculate into your living spaces, where they can trigger seasonal allergies. This is why it’s important to have your air ducts cleaned regularly. The air ducts in an average-sized home typically need to be cleaned every three to five years or so.

Professional air duct cleaning involves sealing the entire ductwork system and subjecting it to negative air pressure. This creates a vacuum inside the system. A mechanical rotating brush is then sent through the ductwork to agitate the particles within. The vacuum sends the loosened particles into waiting dust bags. Once the air ducts are cleaned, liquid or aerosol sealant is applied to holes and joints. Finally, disinfectant is introduced into the ducts to prevent bacteria from spreading.

Replace the air filters. Air filters help maintain indoor air quality and prevent seasonal allergies by trapping particles such as dust and pollen right at the HVAC air intake. Your air conditioning and heating repair technician will likely have reminded you more than once to replace yours when needed. A standard whole-home HVAC system usually needs a new air filter every three months. During seasons of heavy use, your HVAC system may need a new air filter at least once a month.

When buying new air filters, make sure you buy the exact same size as the old one to prevent leaks around the edges. If you’re upgrading to a high-efficiency air filter, inspect it once a month and take note of how fast it accumulates dust and other particles. This will help you determine how often you need to purchase new air filters.

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