What Is Thermal Comfort?

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HVAC technicians and experts spend a considerable amount of time assessing the environments their clients live and work in. Their job is to understand how various factors affect thermal comfort and how to adjust these factors so clients are happy. What is thermal comfort and why is it important?

Thermal Comfort Factors

Six elements influence the relative comfort of consumers in any situation. These are air temperature, clothing, internal personal temperature (related to metabolism), humidity, air speed, and radiant temperature. The last one has to do with fixed sources of heat like an oven or a bonfire. Air speed is just the movement of air or lack of movement. Humidity has to do with how much moisture is in the air.

Why is Thermal Comfort Important?

Level of comfort affects many elements of a person’s personal and professional life. At a happy temperature his mood is better. He functions well. Communication with children and colleagues is positive while professional output is consistent and potentially at a high level. Reduce his comfort by making him colder or hotter and all of these things change. He could be crabby, slow, distracted, and inconsistent.

There are ways in which thermal comfort affects health. Too much heat can lead to heat stroke. Stuffy, humid conditions promote bacterial growth and poorly vented environs enable viruses to thrive. Bugs have no way out and are circulated throughout a room or a building when ventilation is poor. If poor ventilation leads to unpleasant smells, individuals feel sick and leave work early.

Adjusting Factors

HVAC professionals establish an even and steady flow of air through the home or office by installing clean and efficient ventilation systems. They specialize in setting up systems designed for the type of room and room size a client indicates. Their role continues into maintenance, ensuring systems operate safely and effectively. While HVAC experts have no control over metabolism and can’t tell people how to dress, they can at least help clients establish even, comfortable temperatures and ventilation so air flow is constant and humidity is regulated.

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