Ways To Increase Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

Air conditioning efficiency is important not only for energy saving and reduced utility bills, but for the comfort and well-being of premises occupants. You can increase the efficiency of your Air Conditioner (AC) without spending much money in the process. By adjusting your thermostat’s settings accordingly, using physical blocks to rid your home of excessive external heat, minimizing your indoor heat-generating activities, and insulating your AC’s ducts, you can get increased air conditioning without overworking your AC.

How to increase your air conditioner’s efficiency

Block heat

The chances of your home’s indoor air getting as hot as the external air are minimal if you block the entry points of such heat. Closing all home openings (door, windows, and other openings) during the day can lock out the excessive heat, allowing your AC to cool your indoor air fast. You can also insulate thin walls and windows with curtains, blinders, and other materials that radiate the heat off your home. Insulating your attic, basement and as many rooms as possible with radiant barriers can keep your indoor air cooler than the sweltering outdoor air. Your AC’s efficiency is higher when there is minimal hot air to cool than when there are excessive levels of hot air to cool.

Minimize heat generating activities

Just as installing physical heat barriers increases the efficiency of your AC, reducing indoor heat generating activities can significantly increase air conditioning efficiency. Minimize hot showers, hair, and clothes dryers’ activities, excessive open heat cooking, ironing, and hot showers. The activities mentioned above raise the temperature of your indoor air, reducing your AC’s efficiency.

Insulate ducts to prevent leak of cool air

Your entire AC system must be maintained in top notch condition; from major components to duct work. Your routine AC check-up and maintenance should not only replace, repair or clean worn out AC components, but it should also seal and or repair damages on your AC’s duct/ vents that can leak your conditioned air. You should also seal any drafts around your home that leak the already conditioned air.

Every building owner must seek to increase air conditioning efficiency in order to save on utility bills and energy consumption, as well have comfortable and healthy indoor air quality. Installing physical heat barriers, sealing drafts and reducing heat generating activities can immensely increase your air conditioner’s efficiency. Call us for all heating and air conditioning needs in your home.

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