Redirect Your Air Vents to Increase Your HVAC System’s Efficiency

Properly utilizing your home’s indoor air conditioning so your home reaches the preferred temperature takes time and planning. To achieve this, you need to know how to optimize the use of your air vents. It’s actually simple to do, and as trusted experts in Carrier® heater repair, we’re here to guide you through the process. By doing this, you can get the most out of your HVAC unit without making too much of an impact on energy consumption.

Maximize Indoor Airflow

Maximizing indoor air means you must first know how warm and cool air works. Warmer air rises, while cooler falls; this is a natural phenomenon that occurs everywhere, even in your home. To get airflow to work the way you want it to, first identify the location of your air vents. If they’re near the floor and the air is warm outside, adjust the vents in a way that lets the cool air flow upward. That way, it won’t stay at floor level and will be able to circulate around your home more efficiently. 

You can still maximize airflow by adjusting your air vents accordingly. For instance, if you think your home isn’t getting warm enough, don’t call your local technician for a heating repair just yet. Your airflow may only need adjusting. If your air vents are near the ceiling, try to point them downwards. The warm air will still rise even if it flows downward. 


Manage Indoor Airflow

Most air vent covers only protect the ventilation ducts from unwanted debris and help reduce drafts; they don’t really direct airflow. If you still feel drafts near your air vents, try installing a vent diffuser. You can also install Victorian-style vent covers, which diffuse the airflow better than standard grilles. Using a vent deflector is also helpful, since it can redirect vents more accurately. 

If you have a room or part of a room in your home where you don’t want airflow, you can close that vent entirely by placing an adjustable vent deflector over it to block the airflow. This redirects it to  other rooms. 

For metal vent grilles, use magnetic vent covers to prevent airflow from coming through. Just make sure you only block around 10 percent of your vents if needed. Otherwise, it can create excess air pressure in your ducts and result in wasted air leakage, as well as damaging the components of your HVAC system.

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