HVAC Tune-Up Summer

Be Ready for Summer with an HVAC Tune-Up

Summer is in full swing, and the last thing you need is for your AC to breakdown. The air conditioning system has had a long break during winter. In most cases, it has not been fired up. This means that an HVAC tune-up is required to ensure the system is in tip top shape.

One of the most frustrating feelings is turning on the HVAC during a hot day only to discover that it is not working. Therefore, it is very crucial to contact a Mission Viejo expert that can check your system and get it ready for summer with an HVAC tune-up. It ensures that your home is ready to have fun in summer without any surprises.

Identifying Issues with Your AC

Note that during summer, most technicians are usually busy with unending repair calls. Therefore, it is wise to get ready before summer so that the system can be up and running when others are desperately searching for the available technicians. If you haven’t scheduled your routine maintenance yet, don’t worry. Here are some things you can check yourself in case all technicians in your area are busy.

Self-inspection checklist for Mission Viejo homeowners

  • Different, unfamiliar odors that emanate from the AC
  • The system blows up warm air instead of the refreshingly cooler air
  • Fluid leaks around the AC
  • The system may fail to start or other times running regularly
  • Being unresponsive to any temperature alteration
  • Strange sounds such as grinding might be an indicator of a fault in the system

What to Expect During an HVAC Tune-Up Visit

A professional HVAC technician can be able to diagnose the fault and advice on the best course of action. During the maintenance visit, the expert usually does the following to ensure that the system is in good condition.

  • Cleaning of all the filters which ensure that the AC does not blow the dust trapped on the filters together with the cold air.
  • Inspection of any fluid leaks which involves the use of a dye test to detect any fluid leak that might be difficult to identify.
  • Visually inspect all the components of the system. Summarily, this gives the technician a chance to tighten any loose connections and fittings.
  • Inspection of the working condition of the thermostat which goes with the checking of the refrigerant pressure and level.
  • All the moving parts get lubrication for improved efficiency.

After a comprehensive checkup, the technician provides a list of all the components inspected. At this stage, you can note what needs a replacement as the summer heat continues to test your unit.

Benefits of an HVAC Tune-Up

Tuning up the heating and air conditioning system before summer is not only crucial but also necessary due to its numerous benefits. Having a system run for some days only to realize that it is not properly working translates into loss and high energy bills. As stated earlier, most technicians are usually busy in summer. Therefore, the cost of getting a specialist in summer is greater than in spring.

A well-maintained system will last longer than a system that was less effectively maintained. Therefore, a pre or mid-summer HVAC tune-up is necessary to save on costs and energy.

Contact Kemnitz Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc with any of your HVAC related questions or concerns and you will receive a prompt and knowledgeable response.

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