Quick Tips for Preventing AC Failure in the Summer

As temperatures rise, your air conditioner is expected to work harder to keep your interior cool and comfortable all day long, which is why you should take the time to give your AC the care and protection it needs to avoid a breakdown in the middle of summer. In this post, AC and heating repair professionals at Kemnitz share some tips on how you can prevent AC failure during hot weather.

Check your filter and replace if necessary. Regularly check your air conditioner for a dirty filter and change it as often as once a month. A dirty filter can block the airflow of your cooling system, which could force the system to work harder than it should. Moreover, an overworked AC unit can soon create additional problems for you.

Don’t skip your annual AC tune-up. An AC tune-up enables you to carry out maintenance tasks which are crucial to the performance of the unit. It also allows you to inspect the system for problems and detect any issues that may later lead to serious damage or complete AC failure.

Ensure the vents aren’t blocked. Kemnitz air conditioning professionals also suggest checking the air vents. Make sure these vents are open and free of obstructions so that your air conditioner can effectively maintain a specific pressure load for your home. Blocked vents can ultimately affect the performance of your AC, so this is something you should be wary of.

Look out for signs of water leaks. Take a look at your indoor unit and watch out for signs of water leaks. If you discover leaks on or around your system, call an expert right away. They may need to inspect your drain pan and condensate line.

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