How To Improve Air Quality Indoors

Several effective options are out there to improve air quality in your home or place of business. According to current information from the Environmental Protection Agency, air quality improvement has three different factors: source control, improvements in ventilation and the installation of air filters. Each of these measures can reduce the amount of allergens in the indoor air, leading to better interior health conditions for everyone who lives and works in the building.

Source Control

The most effective way to improve indoor air quality is to eliminate the various pollutants at their sources. Some common sources are gas lines and HVAC ducts, particularly in older buildings that may contain asbestos dust. Closing off and sealing sources of drafts is a simple measure for reducing allergens and some forms of infectious bacteria that travel on these kinds of air currents. This option is often more cost-effective than increasing rates of indoor ventilation.

Improvements in Ventilation

Increasing the circulation of fresh air is another way to reduce pollutants, dust mites, allergens and airborne bacteria. One of the easiest methods is to invest in a window air conditioning unit and run it with the window open, weather permitting. Other ways include running ceiling and table fans, running kitchen stove or microwave fans and opening windows. Each of these measures will reduce the concentration of contaminants in the air.

An air cleaner is a final option for reducing pollutants and contaminants in the indoor air. A variety of sizes and models are available, and they can also vary in cost. Some of the least expensive are small table-top air cleaners. Others can be entire new systems installed throughout the building in a similar manner to a new HVAC system. The overall effectiveness of any air cleaning system depends on the rates of indoor air it can pull in and filter per hour. This feature is often referred to as the filtering element, combined with the percentage efficiency rate of the unit. With any type of air cleaning unit, its ability to improve indoor air quality depends on upkeep and on following the manufacturer’s included instructions.

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