HVAC Technology Can Help You Combat Air Pollution

Advancements in HVAC technology can help improve indoor air quality in commercial building, stores, hospitals and health care facilities. Hospitals have very stringent requirements when it comes to the methods they use in order to improve indoor air quality, so following their practices for HVAC best practices can help your employees and customers breath easier. However, it’s important to mention that meeting these requirements can be challenging over the course of the buildings life. Implementing the right maintenance procedures as well as ensuring the right technology is in place are important factors to consider.

There are a number of effective tools that can be used to control indoor temperature and humidity, in addition to managing cross contamination and infection control. The necessary equipment needs to be able to sense environmental conditions and the ability to condition the air as well as provide HVAC technology that can continuously monitor the conditioning equipment in order to ensure effective and efficient performance.

When considering the factors necessary in order to improve indoor air quality, one of the most important factors is air filtration. Pathogenic organisms can be controlled with proper filtration. The second factor is getting the right combination of recirculated indoor air combined with outdoor air in order to protect patients by minimizing the risk of infection from pathogens.


What’s New with HVAC Technology?

New HVAC technology, such as displacement ventilation, can improve airflow patterns, indoor air quality and air filtration while also improving remote control of the equipment and remote equipment monitoring. Displacement ventilation systems improve indoor air quality, by introducing cool air at a lower velocity which increases the effectiveness of the filtration system. Other benefits of using displacement ventilation systems include the following:

  • Decreasing the number of ducts needed
  • Energy Savings
  • Reducing chiller lift

Another HVAC technology that can improve indoor air quality is a liquid desiccant system. This type of system can actually scrub the air clean using a salt water solution. These systems do not use traditional air filters which require regular cleaning or replacing in order to remain effective.

New technology in HVAC equipment can not only monitor and control the rates of ventilation, but can also optimize IAQ and energy efficiency.

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