How to Maintain Your Air Conditioning System Right

HVAC maintenance isn’t rocket science, but it must be done properly to get positive results. If you’re a first-time homeowner, giving your heating and air conditioning systems the care they need can be puzzling. To gain a sense of direction, here are the basic things you need to do when maintaining your AC:

Look for Red Flags

Firstly, visually inspect your heating or air conditioning unit, and watch out for any cause for concern. Corrosion, ponding water, excessive condensation, and leaky ductwork are some of the warning signs indicating that your air conditioner is about to fail soon. If you adopt a preventive approach to maintenance instead of being reactive to breakdowns, you can keep your cooling equipment serviceable during summer.

Clear the Dirt

Dirt buildup is the culprit behind air conditioning inefficiency, and to an extent, heating as well. Air conditioner filters and coils collect dust over time, which would affect the unit’s performance. Filthy filters restrict the smooth flow of air, while dirty coils are less effective when it comes to absorbing heat. It’s imperative to clean them routinely and immediately replace those that aren’t worth saving to preserve your air conditioner’s optimum efficiency.

Check Electrical Components

Maintenance doesn’t stop at ridding your heating or air conditioning system of dirt. You also have to check the health of the wiring of your unit and thermostat. An expert AC specialist would assess relays and circuit boards, check the capacitors, and search for wire degradation. Tightening loose connections and fixing dangerous wiring are both important tasks to bring your cooling equipment back to maximum efficiency.

Run a Functionality Test

To declare your air conditioning and heating systems in good condition, running a system functionality test is paramount. Monitoring coolant levels, keeping an eye on the unit’s cycle times, checking its compressor systems, and ensuring all safety features work properly are essential.

Turn to an Orange County Heating and Air Conditioning Specialist to Check All the Boxes

Even if you’re confident about your DIY skills, it’s best to leave the maintenance of your heating and air conditioning systems to an HVAC specialist. At Kemnitz Air Conditioning & Heating, we strive to deliver flawless workmanship, convenience, and peace of mind with our strong credentials. Call us today at (949) 453-8500 for more information.

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