Don’t Fall for These Common Cooling Misconceptions

It’s that time of the year again when school is out and heat is in; it’s summertime! As far as air conditioning is concerned, summer also means you’ll be relying on your system to provide cool and comfortable relief from the harsh sunny days. Before you need AC repair for overused air conditioning units, here are a few common misconceptions about cooling that everybody just can’t stop believing.

Fans Can Cool a Room

Your AC repair is underway and you’re looking for an alternative option to cool down a room. You bring out your trusty old electric fan and keep it running inside a room to cool it down. It doesn’t work, though. Fans can make you feel cool because they run air over your skin, and the evaporating sweat lowers your body temperature. Unfortunately, fans cannot cool a space by themselves so leaving a fan on in a room does nothing to cool it down.

However, you can place a fan at an open window to draw in cooler air from outdoors to indoors, or create a cross-breeze that can provide you with many effective results.

Bigger Is Cooler

Your air conditioning gave out at the start of summer and you’ve had it with calling for AC repair so you decide to upgrade. Should you get a bigger air conditioner for more efficient cooling? Not necessarily. Cooling a room has more to do with capacity and sizing, the technical air conditioning size, than with actual physical size.

You Don’t Need Maintenance

It’s a story any AC repair technician will tell you. A client claims that his unit will work without needing any regular maintenance, until the day it stops. Routine maintenance is an important part of keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently. It can also extend a product’s lifespan by an additional five years with proper care.

Only the Facts: Kemnitz Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.

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