5 Storage Solutions for Small Homes

For many homeowners, it feels like there is never enough space. Creating more storage areas in your home can help you declutter the area and create a larger, more spacious home environment. Whether you have a smaller home or just want to make your space more organized, you can use the storage tips below to create a cleaner, more orderly home.

The Best Storage Solutions for Small Homes

Here are just a few of the most effective storage solutions for homeowners with smaller spaces:

  1. Use vertical storage bins.

When people think about storage areas, they very rarely consider the up-and-down surfaces within their home. However, these vertical areas are great for storing narrow items or hanging storage bins. Whether it’s the back of a door or a slim wall, there is plenty of potential for storing a range of household items.

  1. Add some open shelving.

Open shelving is a popular option for many modern kitchen spaces. But you can also apply this trend in other areas of your home to create more storage space, while creating the illusion of a larger space. Use open shelving in the bathroom to store all your essentials, or create open shelves in your living room or bedroom to store personal items and other things you may need to access regularly.

  1. Stagger shelving to create a more spacious feel.

In addition to open shelving, you can also use staggered shelves to help open up the room and create the feeling of more space. Uniform shelves like the traditional bookshelf will push out into the room, making it feel smaller than it really is. However, staggered shelving such as a book shelf with a stair-step back can add depth while creating a lighter, less overpowering look than the traditional uniform shelving.

  1. Create hidden storage space.

Another way to create more storage space without making your home look too crowded is by hiding some of your storage space. A few simple tricks can make this easy to do. Opt for furniture that can pull double duty, such as a living room table that doubles as a cabinet or a side table that you can hide storage baskets underneath. You can also use a table skirt or other piece of fabric to hide different things like baskets, shelves, and other stored items.

  1. Take advantage of any nooks in your home.

Do you have small areas or nooks throughout your home that you just aren’t sure what to do with? Why not add some storage here? You can add floating shelves and hooks to these small areas around your home to make the best use of your space.

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