AC Tips – A Quick Six-Pack of Wisdom

We have a feeling that you wouldn’t be reading this post if you didn’t have at least a little concern about what you could conceivably do to make your air conditioning run better. There are quite a few things you can do, as a matter of fact, but let’s pick out six of them for you.

You want to identify air leaks in your home. These are small spaces where pipes, wires and vents, for example, come into the house, and there could be crevices that allow heat to get in. If you like to do things yourself, you may want to get hold of a little caulk that can help you do the job. Go to the hardware store and ask about it. You may want to try weather stripping your doors and windows as well. Remember, your goal through all this is to seal your house up real good!

* If you have adjustable lights, darken them if it doesn’t interfere with something you are doing. And consider turning them off before you go out the door. Not only will you save on the energy bill that way, but you will generate less heat in the house, and as we’ve said, you always want to do what you can to ease the burden on your AC system.

* You want to take care of the humidity in the most efficient way possible. So you want to set your sights on a variable speed air blower. Instead of there being just one speed at which the system will operate, this one gives you a better option by offering multiple speeds.

* You can feel free to turn the thermostat to a higher setting and complement that move with the implementation of ceiling fans. Keep in mind that fans distribute air, so even if they don’t in and of themselves bring the temperature down, they can make it feel that way.

* Speaking of the thermostat, you can also feel free to set it at a higher temperature in rooms that you really aren’t using. Also, you can elect to close the ducts in rooms like that. By letting the air flow to rooms that you actually use, you are being more efficient with the distribution of your air and also keeping the burden lower on your AC system in general. What does this mean? Well, lower energy bills, of course!

* Check and see how old your compressor is. Ask an air conditioning professional to come and check it out. If it is too old, you need to take some steps toward replacing it with a new one. Here you are aiming at high efficiency.

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