4 Surprising Facts about Heating Systems

The fact is that humankind has been burning wood since it existed to keep warm. Our early predecessors burned wood and founded it as renewable. It is also cost effective and friendly for towards the environment. However, today people are using gas, propane and oil in heating their homes and not wood. Here are 4 facts about wood you may not have known:

-It is environmentally good even though it may not seem to heed the green outlook. Trees are renewable and considered a resource. They take in carbon dioxide and when they die they expel it whether naturally or by burning. However, fossil fuels give off greenhouse gases that have been trapped by the earth for millennium.

-Wood saves money. The heat from the new wood boilers trap heat and not much gets lost. A wood furnace can replace other systems with gas and oil and reduce bills.

-Wood is a cleaner way to have heat. With wood boilers there is barely any mess from wood scraps and bark.

-Using wood for burning is safe if safety issues are followed.

You have to be careful when you are operating gas or heating units. If there is ever a carbon monoxide lead then it can be invisible until it’s too belated and danger arises. When you are looking at heating systems they have to be the right size in order to save on bills. There are normally three ways to heat a home: natural gas furnace, air-to air electric heat pump and geothermal heat pump. Gas fireplaces are very effective at around 80% when put in right. However, that percentage drops over the years.

Most of our natural gas gets wasted and pumped into the atmosphere through chimneys. Air to air is electric and not gas. They run at around 250 percent when installed right. These pumps don’t emanate heat they move it! They take heat from air with a unit of electricity and about 2.5 units of heat.  The geothermal system runs at 400 percent which is shocking! That is five times of the 80 percent gas unit. It uses a small portion of electricity which is taken from the heat of the earth at around 57 degrees.  This type of system gives off three units of heat with one unit of electricity. This comes from the solar energy from the earth which has been around for millions of years.

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