4 Energy-Saving Heating Tips for the Winter Season

Winters may not be as extreme here in Irvine as in other areas of the country, but heating can nevertheless become expensive. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to curb heating costs without spending a fortune on upgrades. In this blog, your local HVAC contractor Kemnitz Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. shares tips on how to save on your energy bills for the winter season.

Invest in an Energy Audit — Consider investing in an energy audit, to be conducted by a representative from a local electric company or a BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified auditor. During the audit, anything that affects energy usage will be inspected. This includes appliances and lighting, mobile devices and computers and home insulation. Once completed, the auditor will provide a detailed report, as well as discuss action plans on how to address HVAC problems and optimize your system for long-term savings.

Address Air Leaks — Drafty windows, doors and attic spaces allow heat to escape. Your heating system will then need to increase its output to compensate for the heat loss, resulting in higher heating costs. Replacing worn-out weatherstripping can help improve the seal around your windows. Rubber weatherstripping is readily available at most hardware stores, and is easy to install. You may need to hire a professional if your windows have metal weatherstripping.

Inspect Your Heating System — A regular maintenance routine followed by timely heating repair can help ensure your heating system is running at peak efficiency. Furnaces produce waste byproducts such as soot, and therefore will require periodic cleaning. Accumulated soot can reduce furnace efficiency, impair performance and lead to unexpected breakdowns.

Turn on Your Fans — Continuous airflow helps circulate conditioned air within a room, helping it reach the desired temperature faster and reducing the required output from your heating system. Hot air tends to rise and accumulate at the ceiling, so if the room has a ceiling fan, adjust it so the blades will push warm air back down. Once you have good airflow going, you can reduce your heating system’s output by several degrees without compromising indoor comfort.

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