3 Common Causes of Weak Airflow in HVAC Ducts

HVAC systems are designed to distribute hot and cold air evenly throughout your home. Any changes in the amount of air that moves through the ducts can lead to inconsistent results. If your home has hot or cold spots in certain areas, you’re probably having a problem with airflow in your ductwork. Kemnitz Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. discusses three  of the most common causes of weak airflow in HVAC ducts in this post.

3 Common Causes of Weak Airflow in HVAC Ducts

Closed or blocked vents. Arguably the most common cause for a room not receiving enough heating or cooling involves blocked or closed vents. To ensure consistent temperatures, the conditioned air needs to enter the room freely and disperse itself accordingly. Vents usually have a grate or damper that you can close as needed. If the temperature upon entering a room isn’t the same as the rest of your house, check to see if the vents are closed or are being obstructed by a piece of furniture or bedding.

Dirty ducts. Air filters keep dust and dirt out of your HVAC system. Even so, some particles can still get through and accumulate inside the ducts due to static pressure and moisture. Eventually, airflow will weaken as a result of too much dirt and dust, leading to indoor comfort and air quality issues. Cleaning the ducts with the help of heating repair technicians is the best way to solve this problem.

Leaky ducts. Your home’s HVAC system should be sealed completely, with the exception of the vents throughout your house. However, cracks, tears and gaps can cause air to leak out and lower the air pressure. Air coming from your heating or cooling system can’t move through the unit, resulting in weaker airflow coming from the vents. While patching small openings may help, it would be better to have a certified HVAC technician repair the issue. They may recommend replacing the ductwork if it’s already severely damaged.

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